We are providing automation services in Internet of Things ( IoT ) platforms through our CoE. Our CoE is being built by skilled resources and focusing on the following IoT Platforms :
• Edge Network
• Gateway ( LoraWAN/Raspberry pi )
• Data Management
• Cloud
The following are some of the  Key Projects :
• Automatic Speed Detector in Highways and Monitoring system
• Gas Leakage Detector  and Alarming system
• Web server based on Edge Connectivity
• ISP model based on LoraWAN


Edge network is a type of connectivity between access point and locally connected devices. We are providing IoT applications with edge basis where the IoT devices are connected with local network provided by the access point. In Edge the data is not send to any third party networks thein such connections the router is replaced by access point and the access point can be configure to creates its own network. So the users can communicate with the devices or sensor with accessing this access point.


IoT Gateway application is custom designed as per the business needs. Gateway application interacts with services and functions from all the other layers or modules to manage data between sensor node and gateway and from gateway to cloud in an efficient, secure and responsive manner.

We are using both LoraWAN and Raspberry pi based Modulators as Gateway Hardware for IoT applications to provide communication between sensor node and the cloud.