Gateway in IOT


IoT Gateway application is custom designed as per the business needs. Gateway application interacts with services and functions from all the other layers or modules to manage data between sensor node and gateway and from gateway to cloud in an efficient, secure and responsive manner

IoT gateways are also important in a context of fog computing. They play a key role in the convergence of IT and OT although not all IoT gateways are the same, let alone have the same capabilities. A strong driver for the growing adoption of IoT gateways is the fact that intelligence shifts to the edge as in many industries existing devices get replaced by their ‘intelligent’ counterparts and there is the just mentioned fog. As an example of shifts towards the edge and edge computing: read how that move towards the edge with autonomous decisions by devices is happening in the application of IoT in building management.

As an IoT developer, based on the requirement of the application one needs to calibrate the following:

  • IoT Sensors range
  • Power demands
  • Performance
  • Scalability and security