Automatic detection of Speed of vehicle travelling in Road, Compare with Thresholds and Display in Dashboard

  • IR Sensor (Infra Red Sensor ), Microcontroller are used for System
  • Can be used for Traffic Control system

Speed Detector & Monitoring system



Automatic detection of  ManHole in Streets, Residential areas and also Detection of Gas leakage in Appliances.

  • Sensors, Microcontrollers are used for System
  • Alarm will be provided to alert users proactively

ManHole Detector / Gas Leakage Detector


Creation of a Local Network for Devices and Users systems for effective communication and also Optimized Cost :

  • Creating a ISP model through LoraWAN and Edge Network
  • Creating a Local Webserver for Hosting Web Applications in a Restricted Network
  • This Systme can be used for Smart City Projects

Network based on Edge connectivity and LoarWAN ( ISP / Hosting )


Designed Billing Software through Python and Open Source Database for retail Customers. The following are the components considered for the Application :

  • UI Design
  • Application logic
  • Data storage
  • Integration with Peripherals

Billing & Invoice Software

Designed and Developed a Portals for IT Service provider, Real Estate Clients. The following key components are implemented :

  • UI Design
  • Dynamic pages
  • Email IDs setup
  • Linking to Social media

Portal Development for Enterprise