Hardware & Firmware Development


Hardware & Firmware Development :

We are providing Hardware & Firmware Development solutions through Programming, Automation Tools including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Programmable Logic Control (PLC ).

We are developing Development boards and Driver circuits for Automation and IOT Environments. By introducing advanced features depending upon the requirements we are designing hardware modules and driver modules which utilize our own firmware. We are now focus on introduce new development board with advanced features like in-build GSM , Long-Range wireless transmission capacity and automatic cloud connectivity features. These type of advanced features can reduce the process flow, hardware size and other difficulties produced by connect more separate models to main processor for perform different operations like GSM operations, cloud connectivity etc.

We are also developing Embedded software and firmware for interact directly with the hardware modules without the need of a separate operating system.

We can provide End to End Support with the following Phases :

    PCB Designing

    Development boards

    Driver Modules

    Firmware Development