Bug Analyzer & Resolver Tool

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Bug Analyzer & Resolver Tool !!!.

We have developed software application which detects the bugs in existing software programs and applications and automatically fixed these errors. This resolvers can make the client to need not to expect for technical support from the software provider or application developer side. This software can read the entire source code of the application and detects and list out the bugs in that application. This will automatically fixed the bugs and make the clients does not expect supporting team and reduce the delay in the processes.

Use cases:

    Retail Software

    IOT Applications


    Embedded Programming

There are multiple environments which the resolvers efficiently perform the bug detection and solution providing. In retail software applications they have reduce the delay time to the clients to continue their business process through the bug solving during the unexpected conditions.

In other programming fields like IOT applications , Automation and Embedded programming this resolver can find and reduce the bugs in the source code which controls the hardware also.

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