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2. Mobile Apps development:

Resource Development Effort Group ( RDEG ) provides Mobile Apps Development services to customers globally.

Monile App development company in India. We develop Mobile Apps in Android and iOS platforms forn Manufacturing companies, Retail Stores, Super Markets, Finance Institutions ( Banks, Loan providing companies ), Telecom service providers, Transport Sector companies, Healthcare sector ( Hospitals, Healthcare services )

Who require Mobile Apps:

Retailers : Super Markets, Provision stores, Mobile resellers, Jewellers, Electrical and Electronics resellers, Automobile parts resellers, Manufacturing accessories resellers

OEMs: Automobile manufacturers, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics products and accessories manufactures, Consumer products manufacturers, Agricultural machineries and products manufacturers

Healthcare sector : Hospitals with multi centers, Medical Labs, Pharmacies etc..

Banks and Finance Institutions: Banks, Loan providing institutions, Gold loan companies, House loan companies.

Online Sales and Delivery: Food Delivery companies, Consumer Goods delivery companies.

Transport companies: Online Taxi Booking, Bus booking, Lorry Booking

2.1 Mobile Apps Development offerings:

Our Mobile Apps Portfolio:

We provide the following key Software Applications for Enterprise Management:

  • Employee Management application
  • Inventory Management application
  • E-commerce portal ( Online sales )
  • Accounting Management application
  • Hospital Management application
  • Finance company Management
  • Associtaion Management portal

Key Technologies being used for Mobile Apps:

Front-end languages Back-end languages

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We accept all types of site development like e-commerce, Business website, Portfolio website, Non-profit organization site, Personal websites, General blogs, etc.

2.2 Our Development Process

Process 1: Creating installable applications

The process of creating installable applications includes

app installer files
basic templates
package information
optional packagesupdates, Auto–update, Auto–repair, etc.

The first process helps create a beautiful site as per user and Business requirements. \ This process is called “front-end development.“

Process 2: Implementing backend services:

Connecting API,
Cloud server,
Software-as-a-service (SAAS),
Mobile backend as a service (MBAAS),

Installing databases, Middleware, etc.

For achieving these process professionally, our experts are used various backend development languages.

The second process helps connect your website to the web server. This process is called back–end development.

Process 3: Testing the application:

The process of testing the application includes

  • Documentation testing
  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • User Interface (UI) testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • security testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Localization testing,
  • Change related testing, Beta testing, and
  • Certification testing.

Finally, these all the testing processes are conducted by our RDEGI experts. This testing process is performed to ensure a good user experience and app performance on various mobile devices.

2.3. Operations and Supports:

Our professional operations and support team helps with providing L1, L2, L3 and L4 level support for Applications and Infrastructure.

  • End-user support
  • Maintainance, and service support

If any problems or error happens on our web application/mobile application development, you don’t need to worry.

RDEGI is always with you to manage your site and your mobile application. Our development services are available to respond within 24 hours of receiving any query or concern.

Support Model of RDEG

RDEG provides 24/7 support to customers in managing Software Applications. We have offices in Hosur ( Bangalore region ) Paramakudi ( Madurai region ) Chennai ( Partner office )

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Resource Development Effort Group (RDEG) is a Startup organization with Technical and Management expertise, Offering IT and Engineering services. We are an efficient Partner for enabling your Business through Design, Implementation and Support.We provide remote services and Onsite support services to clients globally.

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